Plastic Free Packaging

In order to reduce environmental impact of packagings Levosil offers the first desiccant bag completely produced by using natural compounds.

Certified paper FSC®
COC FSC® certification of the paper used to produce our desiccant bags ensures that raw materials come from FSC® certificate woods. Look for our FSC® certified products.

Plastic Free
The removal of all plastic components has allowed us to came out with the first entirely compostable desiccant bag.

100% Dust Free
The envelope used makes desiccant bags completely dust free. Our desiccant bags can therefore be used in every type of packaging.

Levosil, strong of 54 years experience in the packaging production, ensures full transparency by providing all the technical documentation and complete analysis (as required by European standards) on all the product components. Production plant can be visited at any time.