Desiccant clay

Activated clay (montmorillonite) is a natural desiccant used to protect industrial packaging.

In order to be used as a desiccant, clay has to meet DIN 55473 standards.

Due to its adsorption properties and to its cost-effectiveness, clay is a good alternative to silica gel.

Absorption capacity of clay is defined as desiccant unit, which stands for the amount of clay needed to absorb a certain amount of water vapor (6 gr for 1 DIN desiccant units and 100 gr for 1 NFH desiccant unit) at 20°C and 40% RH.

This is the reason why the weight of desiccants containing clay is not steady, but it can change according to the clay absorption power (it has to be 18 +/- 1% of its volume according to DIN standards).

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