Standard not woven Desiccant Bags

Silica gel desiccant bags

Silica gel is a synthetic product and its chemico-physical characteristics are steady. The weight of the bags (on an equal absorption power) is steady and so silica gel desiccant bags are recommended when the weight of the packaging has to be always the same.

Levosil produces dust free, Tyvek and ESD silica gel desiccant bags.

A wide range of bags is available, from 3 up to 1000 grams, and from 0,5 to 200 grams of water vapor absorption power.

Clay desiccant bags

Clay desiccant bags are especially recommended for industrial packaging, both primary and secondary packaging, and where the standardization of the weight of the bag is not needed.

The size of desiccant bags containing clay is referred to as desiccant units (NFH or DIN), which stands for their power of absorbing water vapor.