Micro Bag and Moisture Grabber

Micro Bag are micro- sized desiccant bags , ideal to be used in a wide range of technical sectors : food, pharmaceutical, medical diagnostic, optical and electronics.
Micro bags have a Tyvek® envelope that makes them dust-proof.
Micro Bags can contain different desiccants depending on the application.
Moisture Grabber
No Emissions
Unlike other solutions for the leather goods protection Moisture Grabber is not based on the release of biocides or fungicides, but on the simple principle that removing moisture prevents the formation of mold and odours.
It removes the excess of moisture and preserves the gloss of the leather and does not modify the leather’s scent.
• 100% Safe
Moisture Grabber ensures total safety for use in the industry: it does not cause allergies or skin problems.
• Typographic print
Moisture Grabber is printed with a flexo technology and can be used in the final packaging of high quality products without the risk of colour transfer and keeping intact the appeal of the packaging.
• Dust free
Quality System ISO 9001:2008 since 1999
Grabber guarantee the maximum cleanliness and allows to see through the natural desiccant. The non-woven used, developed for food application, has been chosen to guarantee the absence of any possible hazardous component of the product.
• Complete and reliable MSDS
Levosil, strong of 50 years experience in the packaging production, ensures full transparency by providing all the technical documentation and complete analysis (as required by European standards) on all the product components.
Production plant can be visited at any time.