Levodry Gel

Levodry Gel - sacchetti disidratanti conformi requisiti FCC

Recently introduced on the market, Levodry Gel is a desiccant bag containing 125 grams of  a mixture of calcium chloride and a gelling substance. Calcium chloride absorbs environmental humidity, while the gelling substance turns it into a gel and avoids water to leak out of the bag.

Levodry Gel absorbs up to 300% of its weight. It begins to work when relative humidity is over 40% and it ensures an optimum level of RH in order to preserve goods.

Thanks to its small size, Levodry Gel can be put under pallets or in small places between goods and container walls.

Levodry Gel is available in blankets, in chains with hook and with a PE side.

Levodry Gel is effective to stop excessive moisture content inside the container environment avoiding:

  • Mildew.
  • Bad smell.
  • Metal corrosion.
  • Caking and other damage to food and chemical.

Levodry Gel is widely used to protect any moisture sensitive product: